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Bright ideas, brand identity, web design & printed marketing resources in Swindon, Wiltshire.

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Otherworldly marketing to hold, behold or click    

Print marketing

Long-live print! Stand out in a digital world by putting something tactile in a customer's hand.

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Digital marketing 

Backed by 15 years web design experience, we can expand your digital horizons.

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Rocket fuel for your brand's identity

Creating the right look and feel for your business and consistently applying it will ensure your business's presentation is as professional as the business itself. Sites & Stuff are well versed in delivering brands to market through great graphic design. Whether your business is just starting out, in need of a image refresh or you want to expand on previous work, we have the experience to help. 


Interstellar web design

We design websites that will be explored in the palm of your customer's hand. Combined, phone and tablet browsing in the UK has surpassed traditional desktop PC browsing. So it has to look as good on Helen's phone as it does on Tim's laptop. 

Sites and Stuff creating websites, large or small, we aspire for them to never be boring and begin and end with the customer's objectives in mind.


Make your ideas happen

Join the many businesses that have benefited from Sites & Stuff playing a part in their journey

Hands-on customer support

All emails are answered within 24 working hours and all websites are service monitored 24/7

Delivering quality & value

All killer, no filler. We offer fixed price estimates to produce high quality marketing tools

Graphic design

Out of this world print marketing

From the humble business card to a perfect-bound, glossy brochure; we can work with you to create the marketing tools your business needs.
With over 20 years graphic design experience you can count on us to design some attention grabbing stuff.


Fast, professional & affordable

We founded Sites & Stuff to provide professional, affordable marketing services with quick turnarounds, for businesses in Swindon and the South West.


Working to your needs

Whilst we love an in person meeting, and have lovely meeting facilities, we know that's still not for everyone. So if you prefer we can use Zoom, FaceTime, Teams, TeamViewer WhatsApp Video, Skype or call, so there is no need to put your marketing ambitions on hold. 

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We are not currently recruiting but we looking at a portfolio and we always try and give feedback.


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