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since 1999 

Hi, I'm Les, a big fan of all things marketing (and Space). I've been designing stuff for over 20 years and founded Sites & Stuff to provide proper marketing at reasonable prices.

We have a small, experienced team based in North Swindon. We truly enjoy what we do and strive to be top of our game. Please feel free to contact me if you have a project in mind and want to talk things through.

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Our services

What Sites & stuff can do for you

Web design

We build great looking sites that are unique to each customer. Our design process includes more than just aethetics. Understanding the way customers and Google interact with the site's content is key in designing a site that works for you.

Brand identity

Every company's visual identity should be is as unique as the company itself. We are flexible in style and can create from a blank sheet or continue to develop from your exisiting logo and materials. 

Print marketing

Lovely, tactile print. This includes design for business cards, mailers, brochures, folders, posters, signage, exhibitions and stuff. We have relationships with a few of the town's finest printers but are happy to work with anyone you'd like.

Search ranking

When we build a website we know 'getting found' is a core priority. We are no magicians but can explain to you in simple terms how search engines work and how to structure and create your content accordingly. 


Sites & Stuff are well versed in Google Ads. We offer guidence, reviews and implimentation services in a no-nonsence, back to basics way. Many companies find working with us allows them to take back ownership of their advertising and budgets.

Bright ideas

We're in the business of making companies visable to their market place. This often takes bespoke solutions and a few bright ideas.

Talk to us about how we can help you target the right audiences for your brand.