A new site for Save Those Memories

We built a search friendly website to promote STM's digital transfer services

Posted by Sites & Stuff on February 28th, 2021

I first worked with Save Those Memories around 9 years ago. Building a mobile friendly website to promote their vhs to digital and cinefilm transfer services. When the time came for a refresh I was thankful to be contacted again and with great timing too. I was looking for a website to kick things off and I couldn’t have asked for a better customer.

Save Those memories are the owner of a Scanbox 4K, the Rolls Royce of cinefilm transfer machines. It’s the only one in the British Isles and one of very few in the world. Having a customer base of private individuals, as well as household names such as Netflix, BBC, Kings College London and Network Rail, Save Those Memories requested a site that conveyed their personal service, as well as reflecting their professionalism.

Chris at Save Those Memories gave the site a full re-write, working with us to consider user journeys, google’s understanding of the content, layering and calls to action. And of course, we had to make it all look rather spiffing; so we re-designed and rebuilt the site within the parameters of the existing brand and current CMS.

I’m so proud to have Save Those Memories as my first Sites & Stuff customer, for me there is no greater testament than repeat business and we now have a relationship spanning a decade.

Les Donaldson, founder of Sites & Stuff