Daetwyler UK Website and Product Brochure

The current website and brochures are the finest produced to date.

Posted by Sites & Stuff on February 1st, 2021

I first started working with Daetwyler as a marketing consultant in 2010 with a brief to build their first mobile friendly website.

In the years that followed we worked closely, and I even joined the team as Marketing Manager in 2016. As well as a great website, we put together the company’s first sales and technical brochures, packaging, promotions, launches, advertising and more.

On leaving to start Sites & Stuff in 2021, I left with the current website and brochures the finest we had produced to date. The website has been optimised for the search ‘Doctor Blades’, at the time of writing it is ranking 4th out of 28 million results. Check it out for yourself: Google “doctor blades”

If you require the support of an experienced marketing team don’t hesitate to give Sites & Stuff a call on 01793 633206.

Les Donaldson, founder of Sites & Stuff

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