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A great website is small step for your business but a giant leap for your marketing

Posted by Sites & Stuff on January 1st, 2021

We have lift off!

Happy new year! Let’s kick it off with something big. How about a new Swindon based web design agency!
Those who know me were probably a little surprised when I stepped back from running a successful design studio a little over five years ago. The lure of marketing, and eventually helping to run, an internationally known business was too good an opportunity to turn down. And it has been time well spent, the business thrived even through challenging socio-economic times, expanding my experience and skillset along the way.

But I missed the hustle and bustle of studio life and this day was inevitable. I couldn’t be more excited about this new chapter and during this festive break extensive planning has been undertaken to launch Sites & Stuff later this quarter. This lovely new, unapologetically Space themed website is the first step in that journey.

Les Donaldson, Founder of Sites & Stuff
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