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In an increasingly digital world, tactile and tangible print marketing holds gravitas.

How many marketing emails did you ignore today? In an ever growing digital landscape printed literature and promos may be what stands you out from the crowd. Find out below what Sites & Stuff can do for you.

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Attention grabbing marketing

What sites & Stuff can do for you

Business cards

The original 'leave piece', the humble business card is still a mainstay of printed marketing materials and often one of the first pieces of branding your potential customer will be left with. 

Don't add to the other standard white, 300sgm cards in circulation. Let's do something different. 


Still one of the finest mediums to explain your business's offering. A well planned and printed document will regularly have a percieved worth greater than it's digital rivals. 

Fancy finishes like, matt laminate or Gloss UV (shiny bits) will give your materials a quality feel.


Flyers are great for high volume, low unit cost, exposure. They can provide a snapshot of your business, service or a promo. From single sided handouts to gatefolds or fancy folds, we've got you covered. 

 Why not pop one in a product shipment for an efficient cross promotion. 


We work with some great local sign and vinyl manufacturers who have regularly turned our designs into stunning hordings, shop fronts and vehicle graphics. 

Keep your brand consistent everywhere, is there opportunity to better brand your building or fleet?


If you really want some attention grabbing stuff talk to us about our 3D pop up mailers. They have caused quite a stir and are a personal favourite for our marketing.

Set up customer relationship management (CRM) software to keep ontop of your campaign's leads.


We've designed stands and on stand marketing collateral for many years and have personaly attended set ups at many top medical, defence and corporate shows.

Exhibtions are more than just a stand. Ensure you have a full set of marketing tools at your disposal before the event.